Christine Gay, Safety Program Coordinator - Women In Construction Week

Christine Gay has been with Todd & Sargent for 6 years. Christine started as a field secretary in Saginaw, TX, then in Oakwood, TX. She then moved into a site safety coordinator role in Mineola, TX and Pittsburg, TX before becoming Safety Program Coordinator in the Ames office. Read on to learn more about her path to construction and her advice for women considering a career in construction:


What did your path into construction look like?

I fell into construction by chance while looking for work in Fort Worth. Todd & Sargent was interviewing for a secretary at a VA hiring fair and my background fit well into the job. I really enjoyed the work and the people, so when I had the opportunity to work for T&S again, I jumped at it. The Operations VP and Superintendent decided that they needed a Safety person on that site and I was there, allowing me to move out of the trailer and into the field. I took full advantage and never looked back.


What do you enjoy most about working in construction?

The best part of working in construction was also the most surprising. The people are wonderful. Individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels come together to form a crew and create amazing things. I’ve worked on several jobsites now and the satisfaction of being a part of something so large and complex never wears off. You contributed to something permanent that benefits the community. That feels great.


What advice do you have for young women who are considering a career in construction?

Women considering careers in construction should be aware that there are endless opportunities and amazing potential payoff, but they have to be willing to do the hard work – and the work is very hard. There are also some potential obstacles. It’s not a traditional industry for women, and there can be resistance to having them on crews. But there are so many good things about working construction, like good pay, lots of work, and good benefits, that it’s worth the effort. Take the chance, do the work, and I think you’ll be happy with the outcome.