Darcie West, General Foreman - Women In Construction Week

Darcie West has been with Todd & Sargent since 2016. Darcie began as a laborer at the Maymont, Saskatchewan site and has worked her way to General Foreman. Read on to learn more about her experiences in construction:


What do you enjoy most about working in construction?

What I enjoy most about working in construction would be always learning on the job. Construction is always changing and new challenges always arise; therefore, I’m learning new things everyday to do my job better.


What would you say is the most surprising part of being a woman in construction?

The most surprising part for me is the amount of respect that crews and co workers have shown me. I was never disrespected just because I was a woman but rather respected for my hard work ethic and the knowledge I’ve retained.


What is your favorite think you've done during your time in construction?

My favourite thing that I have done would be running my own slip deck. There is so much that goes on during that time and you’re always watching and learning and a fast pace.


What is your most memorable moment working in construction?

My most memorable moment would be starting my first project on my own. It was the first big step to making my job my career. It has grown me to be where I’m at with my career now.


What advice do you have for young women joining the construction industry?

Go into construction as if gender stereotypes don’t exist. Despite your gender, it is your work ethic, determination, and willingness to learn that will make you successful in construction. Don’t ever pretend you know something and fail at the task. Ask the questions to get task accomplished correctly.