Madison Mosley, Welder - Women In Construction Week

Madison Mosley has been with Todd & Sargent since May 2021. She currently works as a welder at the Cooper, Iowa job site. Read on to learn more about her construction experience and advice to young women:


What did your path into construction look like?

I started construction as a fire watch. After a few months of doing that is when I decided to go to welding school at Delta Technical College. During my time in welding school, I transition to welding in the field as well.


What do you think are some hurdles – real or perceived – that women face in construction?

Construction is a widely man dominated industry, and overcoming the perception and doubt of being a woman on a jobsite is a big hurdle to face.


What advice do you have for young women joining the construction industry?

Don’t let the fear of being rejected hold you back from trying. Every company and jobsite is different. Sometimes you have to try different places to find the place that is right for you. Sometimes the jobs can be hard but it is rewarding to look back and see what you have accomplished.


Note from Randy Durby, Superintendent:

Madison is an important part of the team. Everyone on site likes working with her. She provides quality work, is extremely reliable, and will only continue to grow in her career.