T&S Working With Rahr Corporation on Expansion

Todd & Sargent, Inc. is excited to announce work on an expansion project for Rahr Corporation in Shakopee, MN.  Rahr was founded in 1847 in Wisconsin and the existing facility in Shakopee was built in 1935.  Today there are five malt houses in that location.  Rahr is already the second-largest single site malting facility, and with completion of the sixth malt house, it will be the largest.  

Due to growth of the craft beer industry, Rahr says that this expansion is necessary to keep up with demand.  This new addition will create a 115,000 square foot malt house which will create 460,000 metric tons of malting capacity, enough to brew 6 billion bottles of craft beer or 12 billion cans of light beer!

Read more about Malt House #6 expansion here.