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Project Description

Agrex is a full-service foods commodity trading company handling grain, feed, ingredients, hay, oilseeds, oils, sugar, starches, and salt from origination and marketing to financing and logistics. Their headquarters are located in Overland Park, Kansas.

This is an 80’ diameter storage annex with 500,000 bushel capacity. This silo is located in-line with the two 80’ diameter tanks built by Todd & Sargent in 1982. 

Project Features:         

  • Slipformed Concrete Annex
    • 500,000 bushels in an 80’-0” diameter x 123’-0” tall silo
    • Flat-floored with 12’ x 12’ tractor doors
    • Aeration and temperature detection systems
  • Fill & Reclaim Systems:
    • 30,000 BPH top-fill distribution from original grain storage (built by Todd & Sargent in 1982).
    • 30,000 BPH reclaim system routed back to original facility
    • Silo gravity side-tap discharges direct to grain pile fill system
    • 20,000 BPH grain pile fill conveyors and support/access system
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation
    • Electrical installation
    • New MCC room

Project Name:

Grain Storage Annex

Client Name: Agrex Inc.
Industry: Grain
Location: Enola, NE

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