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Amber Milling - Semolina/Flour Mill (Kenosha, WI)

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Project Description

Amber Milling Company is a leader in the semolina and pasta flour industry. They now enter into the bakery flour business with the addition of hard wheat milling capabilities at this new facility in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  Summary of Project Features:

  • Slipformed Wheat Storage Capacity: Total of 913,000 bushels
    • Elevator Capacity: 424,000 bushels
      • Seven pre-clean bins.
      • Twenty-seven clean wheat storage bins.
    • Annex Capacity: 489,000 bushels
      • Twelve 28' diameter x 100' 100' high silos.
      • Four interstice bins.
    • Hopper Systems: 9/12 sloped bottoms.
  • Equipment Overview
    • Rail Receiving System: Dual 15,000 BPH capacity
    • 15,000 BPH Bulk Weighing System
    • Truck Receiving: Future 7,500 BPH System
    • One 15,000 BPH Rail Receiving Bucket Elevator
    • One 15,000 BPH Transfer Bucket Elevator
    • 15,000 BPH Wheat Cleaning System with aspiration
    • Top Distributor System: 15,000 BPH
    • Reclaim System: 5,000 BPH
    • Dust Collection Systems:
      • Rail Receiving
      • Top Distributors

Project Name:  Semolina/Flour Mill

Client Name: 
Amber Milling Company
Kenosha, WI

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