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Project Description

Aurora Cooperative has been a leading grain marketer and agricultural supplier to the world for more than a century. Serving Nebraska and surrounding states, the cooperative operates locations in 31 communities in south central Nebraska and northern Kansas. The cooperative operates four core businesses: grain, agronomy, feed, and energy.

Todd & Sargent helped Aurora develop a state-of-the-art corn handling facility for the Aurora West location, streamlining the co-op's corn transportation to Aventine Ethanol.


  • Receiving & Shipping Systems
    • Transfer belt conveyor from existing receiving system rated at 30,000 BPH
    • Luft Kanal Bin Aeration/Reclaim System
    • Gravity eccentric silo design direct to 30,000 BPH annex leg
  • Slipformed Concrete Elevator
    • 588,360 bushels in two 58' diameter x 140' tall bins
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation
    • Electrical installation

Project Notes

In an interview with Feed & Grain Magazine, Aurora West Operations Manager Nate Panko said, “The amount of volume we handle makes Aurora West unique. We’re constantly providing quality, consistent product to the ethanol plants while managing our inventory. From unloading trucks to opening gates, everything is automated here. The system does everything for you — starting up every piece of equipment involved in that process and basically monitors that equipment and the load as its working because it has sensors everywhere doing that for you. Instead of monitoring the equipment, you’re monitoring what you’re doing, what kind product you’re putting in that bin, what’s running, managing your grade — you’re managing the product rather than the equipment.”

Project Name:

Shuttle Train Loading Facility with Service to Two Ethanol Plants

Client Name: Aurora Cooperative
Industry: Grain
Location: Aurora, NE

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