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Project Description

Bunge North America is an agribusiness and food ingredient company dedicated to improving the global food supply chain. From the farm to the table, supplies raw and processed agricultural commodities and specialized food ingredients to a wide range of customers in the livestock, poultry, food processor, food services, and bakery industries 65’ diameter x 112’ high soy storage silo features a flat floor with Laidig unloader. Features:

  • Rail Receiving System
    • Rail receiving conveyors rated at 400 TPH, designed to unload 90 car unit trains carrying 9750 tons.
    • One 400 TPH receiving bucket elevator.
  • Soybean Meal Storage Bins
    • Two slipformed silos, 55’ diameter x 130’ high.
    • 10,000 tons of soybean meal storage.
    • Above grade reclaim tunnels.
    • Flat floored with Laidig Bin Unloader.
    • Two 235 TPH unloaders to feed 470 TPH reclaim conveyor.
  • Truck Loadout System
    • One 400 TPH loadout bucket elevator.
    • One 100 ton capacity “overhead” loadout bin.
    • Meal sampler system.
    • Truck loadout scale - 10’ x 110’ long.
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation, electrical and mechanical installation.
    • Pre-engineered metal buildings for rail receiving and truck loadout.

Project Name:

Soybean Meal Storage Silo

Client Name: Bunge North America
Industry: Grain
Location: Destrehan, LA

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