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Project Description

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world. The facility consists of six 42’ diameter x 140’ tall silos, two new 30,000 BPH truck receiving systems, grain scalpers, new 10,000 BPH grain dryer system, and a new 80,000 BPH rail loadout system. Features:

  • Receiving & Shipping Systems:
    • Two truck receiving rated at 30,000 BPH per line, via two 10’ x 28’ truck pits.
    • Rail loadout rated at 80,000 BPH via a bulk weigher.
    • Rail receiving at 20,000 BPH.
    • PM Luft Kanal aeration & unloading floors.
    • 10,000 BPH grain dryer system.
    • One 30,000 BPH grain screener.
    • Three 30,000 BPH grain scalpers.
  • Slipformed Concrete Elevator
    • 1,000,000 bushels in six 42’-0” diameter x 140’-0” tall bins and two interstices.
    • 500# manlift in enclosed shaftway.
  • Support Systems
    • Dust control systems
    • New 30,000 BPH reclaim system for existing steel bins.
    • Rail loadout building

Project Name:

Shuttle Train Loading Facility

Client Name: Cargill AgHorizons
Industry: Grain
Location: Carleton, NE

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