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Cargill - Flour Mill Expansion (San Bernardino, CA)

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Project Description

  1. Contractor/Engineer: Todd & Sargent, Inc., Ames, Iowa
  2. Structural Engineer: Van Sickle, Allen & Associates, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
  3. Client Data: This flour mill expansion will help Cargill Flour Milling serve the growing southern California market for bakery flour.
  4. Summary of Project:
    • The new slipformed "B" mill, in conjunction with the upgrades to the existing "A" mill, increases the plant's production from 8,000 CWT to 18,000 CWT.
    • The new slipformed flour milling structure is 39'-0" wide by 105' long by 86'-0"; 5 stories high. Todd & Sargent crews are responsible for all civil work and installation of all the Buhler milling equipment in the "B" mill.
    • The "A" mill upgrades include converting nine existing mill feed bins to nine finish flour bins and activating four bins that were future.
    • The complex features a 489,000 bushel capacity slipformed wheat storage facility consisting of eight 32' diameter by 100' high silos.
    • New slipformed mill feed bin 44'-0" diameter by 86'-0" high with Laidig unloader.
    • The facility expansion started January of 1999 and was completed in October of 1999.
    • The mill is located 1.4 miles from the San Andreas fault and .3 miles from the San Jacinto fault; considered to be the most active fault in South California. The structure was engineered to meet all current seismic design codes.

Project Name:  Flour Mill Expansion

Client Name: 
Cargill Inc.
San Bernardino, CA

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