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Project Description

Summary of Project Features

  • Prior to this facility, Harvest States Oilseed Processing & Refining Group crushed approximately 110,000 bushels of soybeans daily. This new $60-million Fairmont facility crushes an additional 110,000 bushels per day. 
  • Two truck receiving systems rated at 25,000 BPH. 
  • Two truck/rail soybean meal loadout systems rated at 300 TPH. 
  • The facility features a 1,320,000 bushel capacity slipformed soybean storage structure. 
  • The facility also features 6,564 tons of soybean meal storage in three slipformed silos. 
  • "Prep" Building: 102' wide x 157' long x 110' high. 
  • Extraction Building: 82' wide x 131' long x 112' high. 

Project Name:

Oilseed Crushing & Refining Facility

Client Name: CHS Inc.
Industry: Specialty
Location: Fairmont, MN

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