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Project Description

Iowa State University's Kent Corporation Feed Mill and Grain Science Complex is the first university-owned feed mill in the state of Iowa. It will provide students in the university's new feed and grain technology minor and several other agricultural majors a variety of hands-on experiences in the feed and grain industry. Once complete, the complex will consist of a 100’-11” feed mill tower, feed milling and mixing structures, grain storage bins, a warehouse, and a classroom building with laboratory space. The facility will be used to provide educational opportunities for students and extension programs while also providing feed for animals at Iowa State’s teaching and research farms.  

Summary of Project Features:

Two Receiving Systems

  • Truck receiving for corn rated at 4,000 BPH
  • Truck receiving for ingredients rated at 3,750 CFH

Ingredient Storage Bins

  • 16 ingredient bins to mixer
  • 4 pellet mill surge bins
  • 14 bulk loadout bins (single loadout lane)

Whole Grain Storage, Handling, & Dryer System

  • Sukup steel bins, material handling, support structures, & dryers donated to ISU / Foundations by T&S
  • 204,000 total bushel capacity
  • Mixed flow drying system

Grinding Systems

  • Coarse grinding system – Roller mill donated by Roskamp (CPM)
  • Fine grinding system – Hammer mill & Air Assist donated by Champion (CPM)


  • 2-ton twin shaft mixer – Mixer donated by Scott Equipment
  • 12 bin micro ingredient system – Micro donated by Beta Raven (CPM)
  • 20 bin micro ingredient system – Micro donated by Beta Raven (CPM)
  • 10 bag-tote over-micro system


  • 1 pellet line providing 5 tph – Pellet mill system donated by CPM
  • CPM 3020 with conditioner, hygieniser, counterflow cooler, and crumbler

Research Pilot Scale

  • Fine grinding system
  • Coarse grinding system
  • Pelleting system
  • Batching & Mixing systems
  • Bagging System

Support Systems

  • Complete Beta Raven plant automation, electrical, and mechanical installation


For more information about how Iowa State will be utilizing the complex, visit https://feedmill.cals.iastate.edu/

Project Name:

Kent Corp Feed Mill & Grain Science Complex

Client Name: Iowa State University
Industry: Feed
Location: Ames, IA

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