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Project Description

King Milling Company sits on the west bank of the Flat River in picturesque downtown Lowell, Michigan. Since their founding in 1890, King Milling has increased its capacity from 39,000 pounds of flour per day (390 cwt) is roughly 800,000 pounds per day (8,000 cwt). In addition, King Milling has added a whole wheat mill which itself produces 500,000 pounds of whole-wheat products per year.

Summary of Project Features:

  • Flour Mill Expansion:
    • 5,000 CWT slipformed mill with wheat tempering bins, including cleaning, milling and material handling equipment installation.
    • Steel tank storage for flour and truck loadout area.

Project Name:

Flour Mill Expansion

Client Name: King Milling
Industry: Flour
Location: Lowell, MI

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