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NEW Cooperative - Cooper, IA

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Project Description

This mill is designed to produce over 10,000 tons of swine feed weekly utilizing a batch/mix system rated up to 200 ton/hour.  There are 3 truck receiving lanes, 1,600,000 bushels of concrete grain storage, a grain dryer, an additional 1,000,000 bushels of steel bin corn storage, and a “day-bin” with overhead corn storage feeding space for 2 rollermills and 2 hammermills.  Two CPM 7932-12 pellet lines rated up to 45 TPH with post-pellet fat coaters in the headhouse distribute finished feed into a dual bay truck loadout with storage capacity of 2,600 tons.


Features & Specifications

Three Receiving Lanes

  • Two whole grain receiving rated at 20,000 BPH
  • One ingredient lane rated at 12,500 CFH
  • Truck receiving rated at 12,500 CFH

Ingredient Storage Bins 

  • 23 ingredient bins to mixers - 1,400 tons (70,000 cubic feet)
  • Six pellet mill surge bins - 380 tons
  • 20 bulk loadout bins - 2,568 tons (dual driveways)

Whole Grain Storage: 2,835,000 bushel capacity

  • 1,600,000 bushel capacity in four 68’ diameter slipform concrete silos
  • 1,235,000 bushel capacity in a 135’ diameter GSI steel bin

Grinding Systems:

  • Hammermill at 300 micron
  • Two rollermills to 500 micron

Batching: 240TPH 

  • One oversized nine-ton twin shaft mixer
  • One 20 bin micro ingredient system
  • One four-bin tote system

Pelleting 225 TPH

  • Two CPM 7932-12 pellet lines each providing 45 TPH with conditioner, counterflow cooler and post-pellet application

Support Systems

  • Complete plant automation, electrical, and mechanical installation

Project Name:  Swine Feed Mill

Client Name: 
NEW Cooperative
Cooper, IA

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