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New England Milling Company - Rail Loadout Storage Tower (Ayer, MA)

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Project Description

New Rail Loadout Storage Tower
1. Contractor/Engineer: Todd & Sargent, Inc., Ames, Iowa
2. Client Data: NEMCO is a major producer of durum flour to the New England market. They are a subsidiary company of Italgrani Grain of St. Louis, Missouri.
3. Summary of Project Features
    • Our project consists of slipforming sixteen new bulk loadout bins.
    • Eight semolina bins at 75 tons/bin.
    • Eight wheat midds bins at 95 tons/bin.
    • Total storage is 1,360 tons.
    • Installing concrete hoppers and constructing all related floors, platforms, and structural items over the existing railroad tracks.
    • Square slipformed bins were chosen over conventional round diameter steel bins because a greater number of bins were able to be constructed in a very compact area.
    • For installation purposes, the exterior walls of the loadout structure are of slipformed hollow core construction with the center core filled with 7” of insulation. 

Project Name:  Rail Loadout Storage Tower

Client Name: 
New England Milling
Ayer, MA

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