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Project Description

OP Nutrition is a subsidiary of Indiana Packers, an integrated pork production company based in Delphi, Indiana. Since the founding of the business in 1991, Indiana Packers has grown to become a national leader in the processing of premium pork products. Todd & Sargent built this new swine feed mill to significantly increase the company’s pork production.

Features | Specifications
Two Truck Receiving Systems
  • One grain receiving rated at 15,000 BPH
  • One ingredient (soft stock) receiving rated at 15,000 CFH
Ingredient Storage Bins
  • 20 ingredient bins to mixer - 2,100 tons
  • 12 bulk loadout bins - 1,280 tons
Whole Grain Storage & Grinding Core: 330,000 bushel capacity
Batching & Mixing: 120 TPH capacity
  • One seven-ton, twin-shaft, hi-speed mixer
  • One 20 bin micro ingredient system
  • Four bag-tote over-micro system
Pelleting: One 55 TPH System
  • Future capability for second 55 TPH System
Support Systems
  • Complete electrical and plant automation.
  • Mechanical installation with one 500 HP boiler

Services Provided by Todd & Sargent
General Contractor
  - Cast-in-Place Concrete
  - Slipform Concrete
  - Millwright
  - Steel Erection
  - Commissioning
  - Permits
  - Electrical
  - Mechanical

Project Name:

Swine Feed Mill

Client Name: OP Nutrition
Industry: Feed
Location: Peru, IN

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