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Project Description

Parrish and Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is a Canadian family-owned firm with over 100 years of experience in agribusiness, with locations stretching across Canada from Vancouver to Halifax. P&H has grown into a diversified, vertically integrated company that is committed to agribusiness and the entire agri-food industry. This 340,000 bushel workhouse is located along both CN and CP railways for flexible shipping of shuttle trains. It includes 15,000 BPH truck receiving and shipping, 30,000 BPH rail shipping to both rail lines, a common facility dust handling system and cleaner building with cleaning equipment rated at 4,000 BPH. The facility also utilizes approximately 900,000 bushels of existing flat and steel storage bins retrofitted by Todd & Sargent crews with improved fill and reclaim systems. Features:

  • Slipformed Concrete Elevator
    • 340,000 bushels of storage in 20 bins with 9 on 12 slickcoat hoppers.
    • Transfer and distribution system rated at 15,000 BPH to elevator and existing flat storage.
    • Reclaim from existing flat storage rated at 15,000 BPH.
    • Jump leg and distribution system rated at 5,000 BPH for existing steel bins.
  • Receiving & Shipping Systems:
    • Truck receiving rated at 15,000 BPH with 10’ x 110’ “dump-thru” truck scale incorporating a 6’ x 54’ dump grate.
    • Truck loadout and audit recirculation spout rated at 15,000 BPH.
    • Two-track rail loadout rated at 30,000 BPH.
    • 30,000 BPH shipping bulk weigher with 50 tonne upper garner.
    • 30,000 BPH sampling system.
    • Railcar reclaim system rated at 5,000 BPH.
  • Auxiliary Systems
    • Facility and cleaner dust systems with 3000 CF dust loadout bin.
    • Erect PEMB for receiving, control, and MCC building; cleaning enclosure; and rail loadout booth.
    • 500# capacity manlift to access bulk weigher area and bin deck.
    • Considerations for future dryer system.

Project Name:

Inland Grain Terminal

Client Name: Parrish & Heimbecker
Industry: Grain
Location: Tisdale, SK

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