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Project Description

Rahr Malting Co. produces and distributes malt and other related brewing supplies to customers around the world. Their modern malt production plants are strategically located in Shakopee, Minnesota and Alix, Alberta, Canada. The Malthouse #6 expansion by Todd & Sargent made Rahr Malting’s Minnesota location the largest single-site malting facility in the world. This facility provides the steeping, germination, and kilning of barley malt, with the capacity to produce 70,000 metric tons annually.

Rahr teamed up with Todd & Sargent to begin the expansion project in April 2015 and completed it six months ahead of schedule. The addition of the new 115,000-square-foot malt house will add 70,000 metric tons of annual malting capacity, for a total of 460,000 metric tons. This amount is enough to brew 6 billion bottles of the average craft beer or 12 billion 12-ounce cans of the average light beer.

Services Provided by Todd & Sargent:
General Contractor
  - Cast-in-Place Concrete
  - Slipform Concrete


Project Name:

Malt House

Client Name: Rahr Malting Company
Industry: Specialty
Location: Shakopee, MN

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