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Project Description

Sanderson Farms is the third largest integrated poultry producer in the United States. The original Sanderson Farms mill was built in 2009-2010 with room for expansion, knowing the facility would need to be ready for growth in the near future. Several additional upgrades were completed by Todd & Sargent in 2016. 


  • Two Receiving Systems: Rail and Truck
  • Ingredient Storage Bins
    • 19 ingredient bins to mixer - 3,600 tons
    • Four pellet mill surge bins - 320 tons
    • 22 bulk loadout bins - 2,750 tons (dual driveways)
  • Whole Grain Storage
    • 525,000 bushel capacity
  • Batching
    • 216 TPH capacity
    • One 12-ton mixer
    • One 20 bin micro ingredient system
  • Pelleting
    • One pellet line providing 110 TPH
    • Second pelleting system at 85 TPH
    • CPM 9950-14 pellet mill with CPM HDHC7D67.5 horizontal cooler
  • 50 TPH Fine Grinding System
  • Warehouse Addition
  • 400 HP Boiler
  • Four Fats Tanks
  • Electrical Installation
  • Beta Raven Control System Upgrades

Project Notes

Todd & Sargent completed a substantial set of upgrades in 2016, which included a pelleting system that doubled existing production levels and several technology improvements. 

Project Name:

Poultry Feed Mill

Client Name: Sanderson Farms
Industry: Feed
Location: Kinston, NC

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