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Project Description

Sanderson Farms is a fully integrated poultry producer with headquarters in Laurel, Mississippi. Sanderson Farms is the third largest fully integrated poultry producer in the United States. This is the sixth mill that Todd & Sargent has built for Sanderson Farms. Features

  • Two Receiving Systems
    • Rail receiving rated at 45,000 BPH.
    • Truck receiving rated at 14,000 CFH/280 TPH.
  • Ingredient Storage Bins
    • 19 ingredient bins to mixer - 3,900 tons
    • Four pellet mill surge bins - 290 tons
    • 22 bulk loadout bins - 3,000 tons (dual driveways)
  • Whole Grain Storage: 600,000 bushel capacity.
  • Soybean Meal Storage: 8400 tons
  • Batching: 216 TPH capacity
    • One 12-ton mixer.
    • One 20 bin micro ingredient system.
  • Pelleting: 180 TPH
    • Two pellet lines each providing 90 TPH.
    • Two pellet mills, each with dual conditioners, horizontal coolers, and a crumbler.
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation, electrical and mechanical installation.

Project Name:

Poultry Feed Mill

Client Name: Sanderson Farms
Industry: Feed
Location: Oakwood, TX

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