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Project Description

Seaboards Foods is one of the largest vertically integrated pork producers and processors in the United States. Seaboard Foods produces and sells fresh, frozen, and processed pork products to further processors, food service operators, grocery stores, retail outlets, and other distributors in the United States. Internationally, Seaboard sells to distributors in Japan, Mexico, Russia, Korea, and other foreign markets. The feedmill built by Todd & Sargent will produce approximately 6,000 tons of mash and pelleted swine feed per week, and includes 152,000 bushels of whole grain storage, as well as 16,000 bushels of custom grain storage above grinding.


  • Receiving System
    • One truck receiving line rated at 250 TPH/12,500 CFH
  • Ingredient Storage Bins
    • 18 ingredient bins to mixer - 1,900 tons
    • Two pellet mill surge bins - 270 tons
    • 12 bulk loadout bins - 1,232 tons
  • Whole Grain Storage
    • 152,000 bushel capacity
  • Grinding System
    • One 40 TPH line rated at 400 microns
    • One 20 TPH regrind system
  • Batching
    • 80 TPH capacity
    • One 5-ton mixer, twin shaft style
    • One 20 bin micro ingredient system
  • Pelleting
    • 40 TPH capacity at 80 pdi
    • One pellet mill with a 500 HP motor and counterflow cooler
    • Pelleting system located in a slipformed building attached to mill
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation
    • Electrical installation
    • Mechanical installation

Project Notes

Todd & Sargent earned a prestigious construction award from Associated Builders and Contractors of Iowa for its work on the Holyoke, Colorado feedmill. Todd & Sargent was recognized with a 2013 Award of Excellence in the General Construction – Industrial & Public Works/Environmental $5 Million - $20 Million Category. Criteria for the award included complexity of the project, attractiveness, unusual challenges, innovation, safety, and budget compliance. “This project is an example of the innovation and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship that embody merit shop construction. The superior workmanship illustrates the high level of quality produced by merit shop contractors,” said ABC of Iowa President and CEO Greg Spenner.

Project Name:

Swine Feed Mill

Client Name: Seaboard Foods Inc.
Industry: Feed
Location: Holyoke, CO

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