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Project Description

Superior East, LLC is a joint venture between the Aurora Cooperative of Aurora, Nebraska and CHS of St. Paul, Minnesota. Aurora Cooperative is a premiere, multi-purpose agricultural cooperative providing service and expertise in grain, agronomy, animal nutrition and energy which serves customers and patrons across Nebraska and in surrounding states. CHS is a leading global agribusiness owned by farmers, ranchers, and cooperatives across the United States, diversified in energy, grains, and foods The facility incorporates a 1,325,000 bushel slipformed grain elevator, two 20,000 BPH truck receiving systems, an 80,000 BPH rail loadout system with bulk weigher, a 7,000 BPH dryer system, and a 2,200,000 bushel grain pile system. Features:

  • Receiving & Shipping Systems:
    • Two truck receiving systems at 20,000 BPH via two 10’ x 24’ truck pits.
    • Rail loadout rated at 80,000 BPH via a bulk weigher.
    • Rail receiving at 20,000 BPH.
    • PM Luft Kanals for aeration and final cleanout.
    • Receiving/loadout dust control filter and fan.
  • Slipformed Concrete Elevator
    • 1,325,000 bushels in eight 42’-0” diameter x 140’-0” tall bins and two interstices.
    • 7,000 BPH dryer system
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation.
    • Electrical installation.
    • Facility control office.
    • Receiving building.

Project Name:

Shuttle Train Loading Facility

Client Name: Superior East II LLC
Industry: Grain
Location: Superior, NE

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