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Project Description

United Grain Growers, or UGG, was a Canadian grain distributor. Founded in 1906 in Winnipeg, UGG was active in grain sales, crop inputs and livestock production services. In 2001 UGG merged with Agricore to form Agricore United in a deal brokered by Archer Daniels Midland, a majority stakeholder in the new company. This is a 680,000 bushel facility, which has 15 separations plus 16 cleaning bins. Features

  • Receiving & Shipping Systems:
    • Truck receiving rated at 15,000 BPH with future 2nd truck receiving line.
    • Truck loadout rated at 30,000 BPH.
    • Four track rail loadout rated at 30,000 BPH each.
    • Shipping bulk weigher.
    • Shipping pre-weigh system.
    • Rail car moving system.
    • 11’ x 35’ truck scale.
    • Transfer system rated at 15,000 BPH.
    • Receiving and transfer bulk weighers rated at 15,000 BPH each.
    • Remote truck sample probe.
  • Slipformed Concrete Elevator
    • 596,000 bushels of storage in 16 bins.
    • 62,600 bushels of cleaning storage in 16 bins.
    • Dual cleaning lines.
    • 55 tonne per hour grain drying system.
    • Dual dust systems.
  • Support Systems
    • Complete electrical installation and plant automation.
    • Facility control office.
    • Receiving and loadout buildings.

Project Name:

Grain Elevator

Client Name: United Grain Growers
Industry: Grain
Location: Valparaiso, SK

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