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Project Description

United Harvest, LLC, a joint venture of Cenex Harvest States and United Grain Corporation, is the largest exporter of wheat on the West Coast, with terminals in Vancouver and Kalama, Washington. Todd & Sargent was responsible for helping United Harvest establish a new high-speed, 110-car shuttle train loading station in Montana.


  • Receiving & Shipping Systems
    • Truck receiving rated at 20,000 BPH
    • Capable of receiving by rail car
    • Rail loadout rated at 50,000 BPH with over the track bulkweigher
    • Shuttle train loading on loop track
    • Truck receiving dust system
  • Slipformed Concrete Elevator
    • 650,000 bushels of storage in 5 bins
    • Enclosed manlift shaftway
    • Hoppered bottom bins
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation
    • Electrical installation
    • Facility control office
    • Receiving building

Project Notes

Todd & Sargent was able to design and build a solution that helps United Harvest meet key distribution goals. "High-speed shuttle loaders typically have lower freight rates due to the efficiencies gained in loading multiple cars in a single string, rather than loading cars in small blocks," said Chris Davis, Business Development Manager, United Harvest, in an article on grainnet.com.

"Also, locomotives can stand by with the rail cars, so the unit can return to the West Coast as soon as they are full, instead of dropping empty cars off and returning to pull them after loading."

Dave Swenson, Senior Vice President of Country Operations for Cenex Harvest States, added, "We continue to look for ways to add value for U.S. agriculture. Improving the delivery system brings value for everyone along the food chain, from the producer all the way to the global grain buyer."

Project Name:

Shuttle Train Loading Facility

Client Name: United Harvest
Industry: Grain
Location: Pompeys Pillar, MT

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