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Project Description

Wayne Farms LLC is one of the largest vertically integrated poultry producers in the U.S. with annual sales exceeding $2.2 billion. They own and operate 11 fresh and further-processed facilities throughout the Southeast and produce more than 2.6 billion pounds of poultry products each year. Wayne Farms LLC has partnered with Todd & Sargent for their Alabama-based poultry feed mill with a projected output of 25,000 tons per week. 


  • Receiving Systems
    • Rail receiving for corn rated at 50,000 BPH
    • Rail receiving for soft stocks rated at 17,500 CFH
    • Truck receiving rated at 14,000 CFH/280 TPH 
  • Ingredient Storage Bins
    • 30 ingredient bins to mixers - 5,258 tons
    • Six pellet mill surge bins - 984 tons
    • 30 bulk loadout bins - 6,000 tons (dual driveways)
  • Whole Grain Storage
    • 1 million bushel capacity
  • Soybean Meal Storage
    • 4,200 tons
  • Dual Batching
    • 162 TPH system capacity
    • Dual 10 ton mixers
    • Two 20 bin micro ingredient system
  • Pelleting: 270TPH
    • Three pellet lines each providing 85 TPH
    • Three pellet mills, each with dual conditioners, horizontal coolers, and a crumbler
  • Support Systems
    • Complete plant automation, electrical, and mechanical installation

Project Notes

The new facility employs approximately 88 workers to the local area.

Project Name:

Poultry Feed Mill

Client Name: Wayne Farms
Industry: Feed
Location: Ozark, AL

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