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Todd & Sargent received a prestigious construction award from Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Iowa during the association's annual Excellence in Construction Gala, held at the Iowa Events Center on April 8.


Todd & Sargent was recognized with a 2022 Award of Excellence in the category of General Construction - Commercial (over $10 million) for T&S's work on House of Raeford Poultry Feed Mill in Simsboro, Louisiana. Criteria for the award included complexity of the project, attractiveness, unusual challenges, innovation, and safety. 


“This project is an example of the innovation and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship that embody merit shop construction. The superior workmanship illustrates the high level of quality produced by merit shop contractors,” said Greg Spenner, ABC of Iowa President and CEO.


“We had a vision of what we wanted, and Todd & Sargent helped us turn that vision into a reality,” said Michael Newton, Head of Milling Operations at House of Raeford. “We have thoroughly enjoyed working with the men and women at Todd & Sargent and we look forward to collaborating with them again on future projects.”


Congratulations to the entire Simsboro team and crew!

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Christine Gay has been with Todd & Sargent for 6 years. Christine started as a field secretary in Saginaw, TX, then in Oakwood, TX. She then moved into a site safety coordinator role in Mineola, TX and Pittsburg, TX before becoming Safety Program Coordinator in the Ames office. Read on to learn more about her path to construction and her advice for women considering a career in construction:


What did your path into construction look like?

I fell into construction by chance while looking for work in Fort Worth. Todd & Sargent was interviewing for a secretary at a VA hiring fair and my background fit well into the job. I really enjoyed the work and the people, so when I had the opportunity to work for T&S again, I jumped at it. The Operations VP and Superintendent decided that they needed a Safety person on that site and I was there, allowing me to move out of the trailer and into the field. I took full advantage and never looked back.


What do you enjoy most about working in construction?

The best part of working in construction was also the most surprising. The people are wonderful. Individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels come together to form a crew and create amazing things. I’ve worked on several jobsites now and the satisfaction of being a part of something so large and complex never wears off. You contributed to something permanent that benefits the community. That feels great.


What advice do you have for young women who are considering a career in construction?

Women considering careers in construction should be aware that there are endless opportunities and amazing potential payoff, but they have to be willing to do the hard work – and the work is very hard. There are also some potential obstacles. It’s not a traditional industry for women, and there can be resistance to having them on crews. But there are so many good things about working construction, like good pay, lots of work, and good benefits, that it’s worth the effort. Take the chance, do the work, and I think you’ll be happy with the outcome.


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Cathy Simmons has been with Todd & Sargent for 27 years. Cathy has a degree in Industrial Technology from McPherson College and Industrial Education and Technology from Iowa State University. She has worked as a drafter, designer, Assistant Design Manager, and now Design Manager during her time at T&S. Read on to learn more about her experiences and her advice for young women joining the construction industry:


1. Don’t over think new challenges.  Just start.  One step will lead to the next.

                When I was in college, I had to machine an aluminum step shaft on a horizontal lathe for a class called Materials and Processes.  Just standing in front of the 5’-0” long machine with my little 3” long piece of aluminum covered in blue layout fluid was a daunting place to be.  The professor, Dr. John Pannabecker, sensing my hesitation came up to me and said there are no such things as girl machines and boy machines.  He pointed out a whole row of guys sitting in another room at sewing machines creating upholstery coverings for car seats.  The comment resonated with me.  The machine wasn’t the issue.  The difference was in my head.  I had to take a chance and start one step at a time just like I had done with a sewing machine years ago.


2. You will make mistakes.  It’s how you handle them that counts. 

                I had to admit, my little aluminum step shaft project on the lathe wasn’t going so well.  I knew it was out of tolerance but my greatest fear, that I had worried and obsessed about – happened.  The tool hit something on the lathe and it started knocking and gouged the piece I was creating.  It was ruined.  However, the fear and obsession I had created in my mind was far worse than the mishap.  No one was hurt.  Only time and a little piece of aluminum was lost.  It was easy to create a second step shaft. The process went faster and the step shaft was in tolerance too.  I would have never learned the fear was worse than the event, how to weigh the results of failure, or how to keep going in the face of adversity if I had succeeded the first time.


3. You can’t do it all.  You have to find a balance.

                Another mentor, Dr. Gary Thompson said, “Consider these three things -  marriage, college, and work – you can do two well but not all three.  One will suffer.”  In other words, you need to be very careful how much you take on and decide what is important to you.  It is impossible to be a wife and mom, work a job, keep the house spotless, cook three square Betty Crocker meals a day, work out, and advocate for your favorite charity at the same time.  Be proactive in defining your life the way you want and don’t be afraid to say no. 

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Madison Mosley has been with Todd & Sargent since May 2021. She currently works as a welder at the Cooper, Iowa job site. Read on to learn more about her construction experience and advice to young women:


What did your path into construction look like?

I started construction as a fire watch. After a few months of doing that is when I decided to go to welding school at Delta Technical College. During my time in welding school, I transition to welding in the field as well.


What do you think are some hurdles – real or perceived – that women face in construction?

Construction is a widely man dominated industry, and overcoming the perception and doubt of being a woman on a jobsite is a big hurdle to face.


What advice do you have for young women joining the construction industry?

Don’t let the fear of being rejected hold you back from trying. Every company and jobsite is different. Sometimes you have to try different places to find the place that is right for you. Sometimes the jobs can be hard but it is rewarding to look back and see what you have accomplished.


Note from Randy Durby, Superintendent:

Madison is an important part of the team. Everyone on site likes working with her. She provides quality work, is extremely reliable, and will only continue to grow in her career.


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Kristen Naber has been with Todd & Sargent since December 2020. She began as a Project Management Intern while attending Iowa State University, and she now works as an Assistant Project Manager for projects in the US and Canada. Read on to learn about her path to construction: 


How and when did you decide to go into construction?

My degree is in industrial engineering, and I initially had no intent to go into construction as it wasn’t really portrayed as an option. That being said, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to do what my degree was teaching me - to make processes more efficient and to continuously improve. I had a few internships more focused in manufacturing and the standard side of industrial engineering. One of my best friends in my major had her internships in construction and thought it would be a great path for me as well, so when looking for full time roles, that was a direction I favored. I ultimately ended up in construction knowing it would be exciting to learn so many things since I didn’t have a construction background and to apply my knowledge in a less standard place for my degree.


What do you enjoy most about your job/working in construction?

I think what I enjoy most is the challenge. I tend to get bored when things get easy, and in construction, especially at T&S, I feel like I am constantly learning and being challenged, which I genuinely enjoy. This means I am continuously getting better and growing as a working professional. In construction, things are constantly changing and there are many moving parts. This allows me constantly practice being adaptable, proactive, and motivated to reach my goals not only for the job itself, but for me as well.


What advice do you have for young women who are considering pursuing a career in construction?

Coming from someone who had zero experience with construction, if you like to learn, adapt, and challenge yourself, go for it! Step into that confidence, learn, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Close to when I started at T&S, I was told I am persistent. Some may take that as annoying, but I think that has been key to my success in construction so far. Be persistent to get your questions answered and to learn what you need to in order to be successful.

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Darcie West has been with Todd & Sargent since 2016. Darcie began as a laborer at the Maymont, Saskatchewan site and has worked her way to General Foreman. Read on to learn more about her experiences in construction:


What do you enjoy most about working in construction?

What I enjoy most about working in construction would be always learning on the job. Construction is always changing and new challenges always arise; therefore, I’m learning new things everyday to do my job better.


What would you say is the most surprising part of being a woman in construction?

The most surprising part for me is the amount of respect that crews and co workers have shown me. I was never disrespected just because I was a woman but rather respected for my hard work ethic and the knowledge I’ve retained.


What is your favorite think you've done during your time in construction?

My favourite thing that I have done would be running my own slip deck. There is so much that goes on during that time and you’re always watching and learning and a fast pace.


What is your most memorable moment working in construction?

My most memorable moment would be starting my first project on my own. It was the first big step to making my job my career. It has grown me to be where I’m at with my career now.


What advice do you have for young women joining the construction industry?

Go into construction as if gender stereotypes don’t exist. Despite your gender, it is your work ethic, determination, and willingness to learn that will make you successful in construction. Don’t ever pretend you know something and fail at the task. Ask the questions to get task accomplished correctly.


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Todd & Sargent is pleased to announce that Joe Wollenhaupt has joined us as Director of Equipment Logistics and Commissioning. Joe will serve as an equipment expert for the company as well as provide support to our clients during project start-up.

Joe brings over 15 years of grain facility and equipment experience to the team. He previously served as Project Manager for Bartlett Grain Company where he managed grain elevator remodels, designed corporate electrical and preventative maintenance policies, and trained employees on proper techniques for preventative maintenance. Most recently, Joe was the Operations Manager for Frenchman Valley Farmers Coop where he managed all grain operations for over 20 locations.

Todd & Sargent is excited to welcome Joe to the team!

Expand Todd & Sargent Announces New Director of Equipment Logistics and Commissioning


Todd & Sargent is pleased to announce that Andres Rodriguez has joined the team as the Safety Manager. He holds a degree in Bioenvironmental Engineering/Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health & Safety. Andres has over 20 years’ experience in industrial site safety and previously worked for Absolute Group of Slater, Iowa, as the Director of Safety and Health and served in the US Air Force as an Industrial Hygiene Specialist.

Todd & Sargent is excited to welcome Andres to the team!

Expand Todd & Sargent Announces New Safety Manager


Congratulations to Jon Sargent, T&S President & CEO, for receiving the honor of being named to the 2021 Des Moines Business Record Forty Under 40 class. The 40 local business leaders were chosen by past award winners for their impressive career achievements and unparalleled community involvement. 


Age: 38

Partner: Wife Emily Sargent

Mentor: Phil Sargent, retired from Todd & Sargent Inc.


Why he’s a Forty: Jon is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization Iowa Executive Committee. He served on the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Business Advisory Council. He is a past board president of the Ames Public Library Friends Foundation and incoming board president of Friendship Ark Homes.


What are your goals in your role at your company? 

My biggest goal at Todd & Sargent is to create a really talented team of people who are passionate about doing great things together the right way and building on the work of those who have come before us.


What are your goals for your community involvement? 

My biggest goal as a philanthropist is to find those people and organizations who are having an outsized impact on the community and support them with my time, skill set and resources to help them drive real benefit in the world.


What's your biggest passion, and why? 

My biggest passion is to learn. There’s a whole big, amazing world out there, and if you’re not learning and growing from it, then you’re missing out.


What is it that drives you? 

People often ask if I felt obligated to come back and "work at the family business.” To the contrary, it has never felt like an obligation but like a true privilege. It is so powerfully motivating to have 88 years of history and success to build upon.


What are your future aspirations? 

At work, I’m most excited to help continue building an organization that will stand the test of time. Outside of work, I’m eager to help create a unique, vibrant, engaging Central Iowa community.


Three hobbies: Pretty basic stuff: reading, running, seeing the world. The occasional vintage pinball game.


Fun Fact: Jon knows pi to 101 digits.


ONE word: Learner.


What is your wish for the Central Iowa business community? 

I'd love to grab a beer with Tanner Krause sometime. We obviously have very different businesses, but I'm always interested to learn from other people.


Anything else you haven't addressed that people must know about you?  

I’m a proud fifth-generation Iowan with a long family history in Des Moines. I have a passion for family history — I’m currently in the process of scanning 300-plus letters that my grandfather wrote to my grandmother while he was serving in the Pacific during WWII. I recently finished spearheading a 400-page Sargent family history book with my cousin and a local historian. My wife, Emily, and I are licensed foster parents and are so glad to be able to support local kids in need through the program.


Full 2021 Forty Under 40 Class


Expand Jon Sargent named to 2021 Des Moines Business Record Forty Under 40 Class


Todd & Sargent is proud to announce the promotion of Cathy Simmons to Design Manager. Cathy started with Todd & Sargent as an Engineering Drafter in 1993 after graduating with a degree in Industrial Technology from McPherson College and two years of graduate level work in Industrial Education and Technology from Iowa State University. 

Cathy worked as a part-time designer for many years until she shifted to a full-time role as Assistant Design Manager in 2018. In her role, Cathy manages the development of designs for T&S projects across the US and Canada. Her favorite things about her new role are solving complex problems and facilitating a team environment that inspires innovative designs.

Expand Cathy Simmons Promoted to Design Manager


Congratulations to Paul Noelck, Design Manager, who retired June 2, 2020 after 44 years of service at Todd & Sargent. After graduating from Iowa State University in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, Paul gained experience working construction, driving a ready- mix truck and selling Kirby vacuums before starting his career at T & S on May 10, 1976 as an Engineering Drafter. In 1978, Paul was promoted to Designer/Drafter and in 1980 was promoted to Design Drafting Leader. In 1987, Paul was promoted to Design Manager.

In his role as Design Manager, Paul designed facilities for feed, grain, flour, pet food, and specialty process facilities. The designs at T & S have been a team effort, starting with gaining an understanding of our clients’ needs and the engineering, purchasing, and construction requirements and limitations, and then defining and refining design on drawings with input from the team until final. Paul believed these design drawings, proposal and/or projects, were the means by which the better way was found. 

Some of the many clients that Paul worked closely with over the years include: Farmer’s Coop; Cargill; LDS Church; The Iams Company; Kent Feeds; West Central Cooperative/Landus; Carroll’s Foods; Premium Standard Farms; Christensen Farms; Miller Milling; Renewable Energy Group; Columbia Farms; Sanderson Farms; Parrish & Heimbecker; Siemer Milling; Bunge; AGP; King Milling; Star of the West; Chelsea Milling; Rahr Malting; Wayne Farms; Hilmar Cheese; Pilgrim’s; and many more. Paul was also heavily involved in the development of the Iowa State University Feed Mill which is currently under construction.

Paul experienced major technological shifts over his years at T & S. He created design drawings by hand his first years. In 1983, T & S got its first Computer Aided Design station. By the mid 1990’s, all T & S drafters were equipped with CAD stations. Starting in the 2013, Paul spearheaded the transition of the design group to Building Information Modeling (BIM) by implementing the use of Revit software to create 3D models of our proposals and projects. These changes continue to help T & S better serve our clients in an ever-changing world.

Paul and his wife Candy live in Boone, IA. Their family includes son Adam Noelck, wife Katie and children Otto and Marjorie of Park City UT; daughter Jessica Noelck of Madison WI; son Jason Noelck, wife Chantalle, and children Carter and Holden of Edmonds, WA; daughter Abby Noelck of Coralville, IA. Over the years, Paul was known for his many recreational pursuits including traveling, camping, hiking, biking, and exploring the National Parks—he hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim in a day, climbed Longs Peak, and rode RAGBRAI. Paul’s retirement plans include doing more of the things he enjoys and spending time with grandkids, family, and friends and getting involved in some new activities and adventures.  

While COVID-19 prevented a traditional retirement party, we were excited to celebrate Paul with a drive-by parade in April! We wish Paul, Candy, and their entire family all the best.

Expand Paul Noelck Retires as Design Manager


Todd & Sargent is pleased to announce that Alex Orellana has joined the team as a Project Manager. Alex brings over 12 years of construction project management experience, most recently with Smoot Construction in Columbus, OH. He has a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico.

Todd & Sargent is excited to welcome Alex to the team!

Expand Todd & Sargent Announces New Project Manager


Todd & Sargent is pleased to announce that Scott Sylvester has been named Director of Business Development for Todd & Sargent, Inc.

The position manages all business development and marketing activities for the Ames, IA based company. Primary responsibilities include strengthening professional relationships and growing business in the core ag/industrial segments, as well as expanding services in the industrial and manufacturing niche markets.  “Scott’s extensive business development background combined with his knowledge of the industrial process marketplace make him a perfect fit,” said Jon Sargent, Todd & Sargent President. “We’re excited to engage further in our existing industry segments and leverage opportunities in related markets,” he added.

Sylvester, an Eastern Iowa native, graduated from the University of Northern Iowa in 1986 and has nearly 35 years experience in various sales development, management and training positions. Most recently, he served as Vice President at McGough Construction. He also previously held senior roles with The Weitz Company and Fagen, Inc. “I look forward to solidifying our commitment to expand our current market presence and bringing Todd & Sargent’s strengths as a true design builder to new markets,” says Scott.

Expand Scott Sylvester To Lead Business Development


Todd & Sargent wishes to announce the retirement of Lee M. Sargent. Lee retired as C.E.O. on December 31, 2019, after 52 years of service. Lee started working part time in 1962 during his high school years for his dad, Warren B. Sargent. He worked with the construction crew building the new warehouse at the Ames office on Arrasmith Trail and in 1965 building the wood cribbed grain elevator in Napier, Iowa. In 1970, Lee was hired full time after he graduated from Iowa State University with a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering and became a Structural Engineer and Drafter in the Ames office. 

In 1975, Lee became the Vice President of Engineering, and in 1981, he also became the Vice President of Operations. He became a specialist in the design and engineering of feedmills, flour mills, pet food facilities, grain elevators, industrial silos, and other industrial manufacturing facilities including biodiesel facilities.

From 1983 through 2005, Lee was the President and Chief Executive Operating Officer. His duties included developing, implementing, and managing overall corporate policies relating to Operations, Engineering, and Marketing. He was responsible for civil and structural engineering, silo design, structural analysis, slipform construction, and value engineering.

In 2006, Lee became Chairman of the Board and C.E.O. Upon his retirement, Lee will remain as Chairman of the Board and Jon Sargent will assume the role of C.E.O. Through the years, Lee was affiliated with the Associated Builders & Contractors, American Feed Industry Association, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying, Kansas State University Feed Science Advisory Board, and National Fire Protection Association 61 Board. Lee often attended the GEAPS, IPPE, and IAOM trade shows.

Lee and his wife, Sherry, live in Ames, Iowa, and enjoy the winter months in Scottsdale, Arizona. Lee enjoys woodworking, golfing, and traveling. We wish Lee all the best in his retirement.

Expand Lee Sargent Retires as CEO


Todd & Sargent is pleased to announce that Matt Christensen has joined the team as Senior Project Manager. Matt brings over 19 years of project management experience with Henning Construction. He has a degree in Agricultural Systems Technology from Iowa State University.

Todd & Sargent is excited to welcome Matt to the team!

Expand Todd & Sargent Announces New Senior Project Manager


On September 13, 2019 a group of 12 Todd & Sargent employees from the Ames, Iowa office volunteered for the United Way of Story County “Day of Caring”. This day of service provides hundreds of volunteers from local companies and organizations to help make a difference at dozens of local non-profit organizations. The T&S volunteers spent the afternoon painting offices at Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Services.

The Day of Caring kicks off the annual fundraising campaign for the United Way of Story County, Iowa. The money raised will impact more than 90 core programs and impact the areas of health, education, and financial stability, benefiting those in need in Story County.

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Expand T&S Volunteer Support - United Way Day of Caring


On October 18, 2018 Todd & Sargent received the 2018 Associated Builders and Contractors Excellence in Construction Award for the OP Nutrition Swine Feedmill in Peru, Indiana. The project also received the Project of the Year award for Excellence in Concrete Construction from the Indiana Ready Mix Concrete Association.

OP Nutrition’s 4,800 ton per week swine feedmill includes 330,000 bushels of whole grain storage, over 2,000 tons of bulk ingredient storage in 20 bins, and over 1,200 tons of finished feed bulk storage in 12 bins. Construction began in March 2017 with a wet spring and went into an unusually rainy summer, where the crew worked 12-hour shifts for 14 days straight to complete back-to-back slips of the mill and corn silos. The mill is designed to produce about 500 million pounds of feed each year with the majority to be delivered to local farms. 

“This project is an example of the innovation and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship that embodies merit shop construction. The superior workmanship illustrates the high level of quality produced by merit shop contractors”, said Greg Spenner, ABC of Iowa President and CEO.

OP Nutrition is a subsidiary of Indiana Packers and a national leader in the swine industry. Indiana Packers was founded in 1991 and specializes in the processing of premium pork products and markets for retail product under the “Indiana Kitchen” brand.

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Expand Peru, Indiana Feedmill Wins Multiple Awards


On Monday, July 9, 2018 GrainsConnect Canada held a Ribbon-Cutting and Grand Opening ceremony for their recently-completed inland grain terminals in Maymont and Reford, Saskatchewan. On hand were representatives from GrainsConnect, their international partners GrainCorp and Zen-Noh Grain, government dignitaries, and representatives from the many contractors and partners who helped bring these facilities to life. Todd & Sargent is excited to congratulate GrainsConnect Canada on the commissioning of these two world-class facilities.

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Expand GrainsConnect Canada Opens Two New Facilities in Saskatchewan


On Thursday, October 26th, Todd & Sargent was recognized with a 2017 Excellence in Construction Award for the Chelsea Milling Batching Tower project in Chelsea, MI. 

This project completed for the makers of JIFFY Mix, was planned to help expand production capabilities at the existing site and included a slipformed batching tower 80’ wide x 80’ long x 105’ high with six floors, Buhler mixing systems, a freight and passenger elevator, and an interconnecting access bridge to their existing mixing tower.  In September 2015, Todd & Sargent crews worked 5 days, 24 hours a day to pour the slipform structure with substantial completion in February 2017.

Chelsea Milling is a fourth generation flour mill company established in 1901, and in 1930 expanded to the retail prepared baking mix market with JIFFY Mix.

Watch the Batching Tower being built.

Expand 2017 ABC of Iowa Excellence in Construction Award - Chelsea, MI


Todd & Sargent, Inc. has recently completed construction of a 49,000 square foot facility in Ozark, AL for Wayne Farms LLC.  This $200 million two-in-one poultry feed mill is officially the nation's largest start-up feedmill and has a production capacity of 25,000 tons per week.  This mill was built due to the growing demand for poultry in the U.S. and supports three chicken processing plants in nearby Dothan, Union Springs and Jack, AL.


Some features of this new facility include:

Receiving Systems: Rail receiving for corn rated at 50,000 BPH, Rail receiving for soft stocks rated at 17,500 CFH, Truck receiving rated at 14,000 CFH/280 TPH

Ingredient Storage Bins: 28 ingredient bins to mixers - 5,400 tons, 6 pellet mill surge bins - 656 tons, 30 bulk loadout bins - 6,000 tons with dual driveways

Whole Grain Storage: 1 million bushel capacity

Soybean Meal Storage: 4,200 tons

Dual Batching: 162 TPH system capacity, Dual 10 ton mixers, Two 20 bin micro ingredient system

Pelleting:  270TPH, 3 pellet lines each providing 90 TPH, 3 pellet mills, each with dual conditioners, horizontal coolers, and a crumbler

Support Systems: Complete plant automation, electrical and mechanical installation


Wayne Farms is the sixth largest poultry operation in the United States with eleven facilities located in the Southeast.  The new plant will employ about 88 local workers and replaces three of Wayne Farms' aging feed mills in DeFuniak Springs, FL, Troy, AL and Enterprise, AL.

Expand Nation's Largest Start-Up Feed Mill Completed


A group of Todd & Sargent employees and their families participated in Reggie's Sleepout at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames, Iowa on March 25th.  Our group and hundreds of others gathered at the football stadium to sleep in tents, sleeping bags, and boxes to raise awareness of homelessness in the community. 

The T&S group also participated in the "Boxed-In Design Contest".  This activity was to help educate and advocate for youth homelessness by creating a box shelter out of cardboard to sleep in for the event.  Our participants designed a shelter based on one of our feed mill designs.  Brian Watson from our Marketing department was even interviewed on KCCI during the event.  Watch the video here.

Reggie's Sleepout Ames raised funds for three different organizations: Youth & Shelter Services (YSS), Emergency Residence Project (ERP), and Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support (ACCESS).  The 2017 event raised a total of $96,646!

Reggie's Sleepout started in 2001 at Drake University in Des Moines.  This was the first year the event took place in Ames.  It is named after Reggie Kelsey, a young man aged out of the foster care system who was found in the Des Moines River after several months without resources to turn to.

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Expand Employees Participate in Reggie's Sleepout Ames


Todd & Sargent wishes to announce the retirement of our President, Wm. H. (Bill) Bokhoven after 28 years of service.  Bill started working for Todd & Sargent on June 20, 1988 in the Engineering Department as a Project Engineer.  In 1994, he was promoted to Vice President of Engineering, and in 2006 he was selected to be President of T&S.  He continued in that role until his retirement on December 31, 2016. 

Bill always had a desire to be involved in the agricultural industries served by Todd & Sargent.  His experience of growing up on a farm, working in a feed mill in college, and earning degrees from Iowa State University in Agricultural and Structural Engineering prepared him well to meet the needs of T&S clients.  His engineering background provided a well-rounded, broad-based foundation to help address the diverse facets of our projects.  Working as a team with our designers, project managers, field crews, suppliers, and clients created the setting for a rich and fulfilling career.

Bill fully endorsed and believed in the mission of Todd & Sargent.  Our mission has been and continues to be that we "serve the engineering and construction needs of our clients to ensure their continued growth and sucess".  For Bill, there was probably nothing more rewarding than to be able to help others be successful.  While striving to do that for our clients, he also tried to encourage fellow employees to pursue excellence in all they do - from grammar and spelling to being the best you can be at all aspects of your job.  Perfection was never an absolute, but striving for it was always a goal.

As he approached the end of his career, he realized that another important aspect of anyone's job is to "pass the baton" to the next generation so they can continue to build upon the foundations that have been laid.  To that end, he tried to ensure that his colleagues were equipped with the fundamentals to make their careers as enjoyable and rewarding as his had been.

Bill and his wife Sue live in Ames where they raised their three sons.  Future plans include spending more time with their children and grandchildren.  Their children include son Nicolas and wife Karla of San Diego, Californina; son Mark and wife Chelsey of Denver, Colorado; and son Eric and wife Erin, who are currently deployed to Germany.  Bill and Sue have four grandchildren: Luke, Kate, Logan, and Blake.

Best wishes in your retirement, Bill!

Expand Bill Bokhoven Retires After 28 Years


Todd & Sargent, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of the new $68 million malt house for Rahr Malting Company in Shakopee, MN. This expansion, completed six months ahead of schedule, makes the Shakopee location the largest single-site malting facility in the world, adding 28 full-time employees.

The new malt house is 115,000 square feet and increases the annual malting capacity to 460.000 metric tons from 390,000 previously.  Rahr says that is enough to brew nearly 12 billion 12-ounce cans of light beer or 6-billion bottles of craft brew per year.  Almost 1/4 of breweries in America contain Rahr malt.

Rahr Corporation was founded on the shores of Lake Michigan in 1847 by William Rahr, a German immigrant and brewer.  Over 166 years later, in its 5th and 6th generation, it is still owned and operated by the Rahr family.  They produce and distribute malt and other related brewing supplies to customers around the world with production plants in Shakopee and Alix, Alberta, a procurement and distribution facility in Taft, ND, a processing facility in Yakima, WA and eleven leased warehouses throughout the US and Canada.

Expand T&S Completes Largest Single-Site Malting Facility for Rahr Malting


Construction was completed on schedule at the new $27 million SoyPlus expeller plant for Landus Cooperative (formerly West Central Cooperative) in Ralston, IA.  This project includes soybean transfer and prep, twelve new mechanical presses, soymeal grinding and cooling, soybean oil processing, finished soymeal storage, and truck loadout.  This expansion allows for an additional six million bushels of soybeans each year, which increases current production by 50% (20 million bushels total annually).  The new plant, along with the existing facility, is able to produce enough SoyPlus to load 18 rail cars daily.  SoyPlus is an industry-leading high bypass protein dairy feed ingredient used in dairy rations world-wide.

The existing facility, which has operated for more than 30 years, was producing at capacity, creating the demand for the expansion and 11 full-time job opportunities for the Ralston area.

Landus Cooperative, one of North America's largest grain storage companies, is a farmer-owned agricultrual cooperative, headquartered in Ames, IA with approximately 7,000 member-owners.

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On the evening of Wednesday, October 12th, Todd & Sargent received a 2016 ABC of Iowa Award of Excellence for our work on the Star of the West Milling Company flour mill in Willard, OH!  The yearly ABC of Iowa Excellence in Construction Gala was held at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, IA and recognizes the best in the industry. The Gala began with remarks by United States Senator Chuck Grassley about the importance of careers in construction and federal issues affecting the construction industry.

The twelfth largest flour miller in the US, Star of the West Milling Company is headquartered in Frankenmuth, MI. They knew that they needed to expand their flour milling operations to support rapidly growing customer demand. Star of the West partnered with Todd & Sargent, Inc. to construct this very impressive facility in Willard, OH. The flour mill is capable of producing one million pounds of flour per day milling soft winter red wheat. Along with the flour mill, this project also features wheat storage, truck receiving and state-of-the-art mill equipment.

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From July 2015 to February 2016, the Salvation Army's food pantry served 119 families that had never been to the pantry before.  A person can get food from a pantry once a month, but it only lasts 2-3 days.  For the first time in five years, the need is growing in Story County. 

More than one in four children in Story County is eligible to receive free/reduced lunch.  When summer break starts, these children will not have access to school-provided meals.  The need for food at local food pantries is always greater during the summer months.  From April 25th through May 5th, United Way of Story County held their 8th annual LIVE UNITED Food Drive to combat the need.

Todd & Sargent employees contributing to this drive and donated 46 pounds plus a cash donation to United Way.  The East Ames area businesses contributed over 1,000 pounds of food/product and over $1,300 in cash donations total!

You can read more about the LIVE UNITED Food Drive here.

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The T&S Safety Committee is proud to announce the following inductees into the T&S President’s Safety Club. The club consists of T&S field employees who have worked five consecutive calendar years without a safety incident. Members receive a custom T&S belt buckle and hard hat sticker identifying them as part of the club and are acknowledged in the Can Do Review as well as on a plaque that hangs at T&S headquarters.

We are very proud of the safety accomplishments of each of the employees below:

Ismael Acosta-Martinez

Tom Alexander

Diego Avitia

Elvin Barrera

James Beck

Dana Black

Roberto Blanco

Eric Butler

John Deepe

Joaquin Dominguez-Monroy

Rick Dorrel

Randy Durby

Jesus Garcia

Epifanio Gudino

Fidel Gudino

Eliseo Gudino-Maqueda

Martin Gudino-Maqueda

Randy Hullinger

Merlin Lopez-Nunez

Juan Manuel Lopez-Perez

Dale Mittlieder

Efrain Perez-Escobar

David Ramirez

Sam Ramos

Juan Pablo Ruiz-Cano

Scott Schoba

Russell Shady

Robby Shell

James Stewart

Dennis Taggart

Mike Taggart

Jose Tello-Rosas

Scott Tessum

Jorge Ugalde-Uribe

Reynaldo Velasquez

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Todd & Sargent announces the retirement of Philip B. Sargent, Senior Vice President. Phil started working part time in 1959 and was hired full time in 1976. After 39 years full time with the company, Phil retired on December 31, 2015.

While working part time during his junior high and high school years for his dad, Warren B. Sargent, Phil performed many duties in the Todd & Sargent warehouse and office from cleaning to payroll. In 1964, he worked with the construction crew building the new T&S warehouse at the Ames office on Arrasmith Trail and in 1965 building the wood cribbed grain elevator in Napier, Iowa. During his college years at Iowa State University, Phil began working in the Todd & Sargent drafting department. He was elected to the board of directors in 1969.

After graduating from Iowa State University, Phil worked as a Grain Merchandiser for Cargill, Inc. for five years. He returned to Todd & Sargent in 1976 as a programmer in the computer department under the direction of his brother Dan Sargent. The computer department did custom computer programming for both Todd & Sargent and outside clients until 1978 when the department was dissolved. In 1978, Phil became President and General Manager for PMI. PMI was a subsidiary of Todd & Sargent which provided maintenance and manlift services to the grain and feed industry.

Warren B. Sargent, President and CEO, reorganized the company in 1981 and developed three departments: Marketing & Product Development, Operations, and Administration (including Safety). Phil became the Vice President of Administration. In 1983, Phil was promoted to Executive Vice President of Todd & Sargent. He was responsible for development, implementation, and management of overall corporate goals, strategies, and policies along with corporate banking, bonding, legal, insurance, and risk management programs. In 1985 he also served as President of Todd & Sargent, Canada, LTD and managed over 19 projects. A few of those projects were built for Cargill Nutrena, Aurora Cooperative, Manitoba Pool Elevators, and Cargill Limited. From January 2014 until his retirement, Phil held the position of Senior Vice President and Vice Chairman of The Sargent Group, Inc. Board of Directors. Phil will remain a member of the board of directors.

Phil and wife Susan live in Ames where they raised their three children. Future plans include spending more time with their children and grandchildren and enjoying the mountains at their Colorado home. Their family includes son Jon Sargent of Ames; daughter Jennifer Peckham and husband John of Salina, Kansas; daughter Lindsay Abt and husband Dan of Maitland, Florida; and four grandchildren. Please join us in wishing Phil all the best in his retirement!

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Todd & Sargent received an ABC of Iowa Award of Excellence in Construction eagle for the Horizon Milling/Ardent Mills flour mill expansion project in Saginaw, TX.  This is the top award in it's category.  ABC is an organization that promotes and defends the merit shop philosophy, which encourages open competition and a free-enterprise approach to construction.  T&S was one of the original members of ABC of Iowa in the 1970s.
In May, 2014, ConAgra Mills and Horizon Milling, a Cargill-CHS joint venture combined to form Ardent Mills.  Ardent Mills includes 40 flour mills, three bakery mix facilities, and a specialty bakery, located in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico with headquarters in Denver, CO.
This renovation included the replacement of two existing hard wheat milling units with two new, state-of-the-art units, which increased milling efficiencies and capabilities.  It also invoived demolition, moving existing facilities on the site, addition of new cleaning house equipment, and a new process building.  The project greatly increased flour, temper, and wheat midds storage for Ardent Mills.  This mill helps serve the Dallas-Fort Worth area, a rapidly growing market in the Southwest.
A big thank you to our office and field staff for their hard work on this project!

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On Friday, September 11th, a group of Todd & Sargent, Inc. employees volunteered for the United Way of Story County Day of Caring.  Day of Caring is held annually, typically the Friday after Labor Day.

Our group was paired with UWSC partner agency Good Neighbor Emergency Assistance.  We worked on installing new signage in front of the building as well as washing interior and exterior office windows. 

It was a beautiful day in Story County!  Over 600 volunteers participated in Day of Caring, completing 55 projects at 33 different agencies and totaling more that 2,300 volunteer hours.

We enjoyed the afternoon volunteering at Good Neighbor and plan to assist again in the future.  You can view photos of volunteers at various Day of Caring projects here.

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Todd & Sargent, Inc. client Whtewater Mill, LLC recently started operating their new flour mill in West Harrison, IN.  This joint venture between Siemer Milling Co. and H. Nagel & Son is considered the most modern flour mill in the world today!  They celebrated with an open house, mill tours, guest speakers and a reception on April 17, 2015.
Instead of expanding existing Siemer mills in Teutopolis, IL or Hopkinsville, KY, they decided that the logistics of supply and demand made a new mill more cost-effective. They will source their wheat from within 150 miles in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  This new mill already employees 27 and will reach 35 when they start running at full capacity.
Todd & Sargent, Inc., along with equipment manufacturer Bühler, installed high-end milling equipment throughout the mill that grinds 23,000 bushels of soft red winter wheat a day, focusing on efficiency and safety.  This equates to seven million bushels per year while planning on increasing that number in the future.
More information on the new mill and the new technology used can be found in this Baking Business article.

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West Central® Cooperative announced plans for a $27 million expansion project at their existing facility in Ralston, IA.  WCC is a farmer owned cooperative and one of the twenty largest grain companies in North America.  First incoporated in 1933, they now feature 28 facilities in the Western half of Iowa, one of the largest areas of crop production in the country.

Todd & Sargent is looking forward to working on this multi-year expansion project which will increase soybean processing capacity by 50 percent along with additional grain storage.  At full capacity, the expansion would create demand for an additional six million bushels of soybeans each year and create at least 11 full-time jobs. The expansion will produce SoyPlus® (just like at the existing facility), an industry-leading high bypass protein dairy feed ingredient used across the world. 

Read more about the WCC expansion here.


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Todd & Sargent, Inc. is excited to announce work on an expansion project for Rahr Corporation in Shakopee, MN.  Rahr was founded in 1847 in Wisconsin and the existing facility in Shakopee was built in 1935.  Today there are five malt houses in that location.  Rahr is already the second-largest single site malting facility, and with completion of the sixth malt house, it will be the largest.  

Due to growth of the craft beer industry, Rahr says that this expansion is necessary to keep up with demand.  This new addition will create a 115,000 square foot malt house which will create 460,000 metric tons of malting capacity, enough to brew 6 billion bottles of craft beer or 12 billion cans of light beer!

Read more about Malt House #6 expansion here.

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Todd & Sargent was happy to contribute and volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity of Central Iowa project to build a wheelchair accessible duplex for Shelley Jaspering and Jason Cantonwine of Ames, IA! 


With the direction and help of ABC of Iowa, several members contributed money, materials and labor to successfully complete this project for Shelley and Jason.  They both had trouble in their past homes using wheelchairs.  With lower countertops, raised outlets, zero-entry wider doorways and bigger bathrooms in the new duplex, these residents can now move around in their homes more easily and feel more independent.


Shelley & Jason celebrated with an open house on Sunday, November 23rd and were official first time homeowners on Monday, November 25th!  Congratulations!


You can view more pictures and see a timeline of the project here.

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Todd & Sargent is pleased to announce that we have been recognized for our work on the Archer Daniels Midland Company - Beech Grove flour mill expansion. Pictured is the 2014 ABC of Iowa Award of Excellence that T&S received at the awards gala at Prairie Meadows on Thursday, October 30th.


This 30,000 square foot expansion makes the Indianapolis area flour mill the third largest in the nation! Special thanks to Superintendent Scott Tessum, General Foreman Tom Alexander, General Foreman Ricky Roque and crews for their hard work on this project. 


We are proud to have partnered with ADM and Buhler on this successful merit shop project, as well as utilizing many ABC members.  T&S employees also worked 111,000+ man hours with no recordable injuries.


Click here to read Feed & Grain Magazine's article "Hidden Giant" - this project made the front page of August/September issue!

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Todd & Sargent recently unveiled a new look for our company! The changes include a new logo, website, tradeshow booth, company apparel, and more. Our new logo represents the structures we design and build, as well as our progression toward the future. Our new website has a great projects module to showcase the work we do, and also includes a timeline of our company’s history. At our rebranding rollout event, employees received jackets, shirts, hats, and drafting pencils all displaying our new logo. We’re excited to show off our brand new look - we hope you like it.

You may also notice that the Can Do Review has a very different feel as well. Since 1977, Todd & Sargent has published the “Can Do” Review as a way to keep our employees, families, clients, and industry partners informed about what our company is currently building. The newsletter’s name came from Warren Sargent’s philosophy that as a company we Can Do anything we set our mind to, and the slogan has stuck ever since. We’ve updated our newsletter to reflect our new brand and feature both our projects and our people that make us so successful.  Click on the "CAN DO" tab on our website to see the new look of our newsletter.


Photo (From Left to Right):

Front row: Michelle Sime, Vickie Ayers, Cindy Kennedy, Shea Nelson, Cora Sondgeroth, Kathy Carlson, Stephanie Taylor, Justin Cooper, Clifton Bolton

Second row: Cathy Simmons, Bryan Coussens, Doris Wheelock, Matt Palan, Jim Marshek, Mike Evans, Mark Schemmel, Robert Clark, Clint Steele, Phil Sargent, Jon Sargent, Mike Johannes, Mike Baumhover, Josh Schneider, Paul Sondgeroth, Paul Noelck, Mike Willman

Third row: Russ Long, Ryan Rock, Jeff Moyer, Chris Crum, Rick Knoll, Pat Taggart, David Thies, Mike Anderson, Mike Leners, Jerry Murphy, Pete Clausen, Kevin Baumhover, Alex Kerrigan, Bill Bokhoven, Wayne Henderson

Not pictured: Lee Sargent, Kyle Greenwood, David Gravlin, Tom Poggensee, Ed Jones, Gerald Luedtke, Everett Shaw, Jeff Starnes, Dianne Ennis, Jessica Taggart, Justin Strahan, Craig Sondgeroth, Scott Schoba

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Todd & Sargent would like to congratulate Whitewater Mill LLC on the groundbreaking of its new 10,000 hundredweight flour mill in West Harrison, IN. This project is a joint venture between Seimer Milling Company, a long-time client of Todd & Sargent, and Hy. Nagel & Son. Todd & Sargent is pleased to have been awarded the engineering and construction contract for the project and is excited to work with these two great companies. Processing equipment for the facility will be provided by flour milling expert Buhler, Inc. Field crews started construction in late 2013, and project completion is scheduled for Spring 2015.

For more information on this exciting project please read this article from World Grain.

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Sanderson Farms of Laurel, Mississippi has awarded Todd & Sargent the contract to engineer and construct their new poultry feedmill in Oakwood, Texas. Sanderson Farms is the third largest fully integrated poultry producer in the United States. This new mill will feature the following:
Two Receiving Systems

  • Rail receiving rated at 45,000 BPH
  • Truck receiving rated at 14,000 CFH/280 TPH

Ingredient Storage Bins

  • 19 ingredient bins to mixer - 3,900 tons
  • 4 pellet mill surge bins - 290 tons
  • 22 bulk loadout bins - 3,000 tons (dual driveways)

Whole Grain Storage - 600,000 bushel capacity

Soybean Meal Storage - 8,400 tons

Batching - 216 TPH capacity

  • One 12-ton mixer
  • One 20-bin micro ingredient system

Pelleting - 180 TPH

  • Two pellet lines each providing 90 TPH
  • Two pellet mills, each with dual conditioners, horizontal coolers, and a crumbler.

Support Systems

  • Complete electrical, plant automation, and mechanical installation

This will be the sixth feedmill that Todd & Sargent has built for Sanderson Farms. Other facilities are in McComb, Mississippi; Adel, Georgia; Collins, Mississippi; Easterly, Texas; and Kinston, North Carolina. Dennis Taggart is the Superintendent on this project.

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During the United Way of Story County’s annual campaign celebration on December 12th, 2013, Todd & Sargent was awarded a “Live United Campaign Award”. These awards are given to businesses that have met one or more of the following criteria: consistent, significant campaign contributions; new and significant campaign effort; special efforts to make the overall campaign successful. Todd & Sargent office and field employees donated over $16,000 to the campaign in 2013, which was contributed by cash, payroll deduction, and through special company activities. Along with campaign efforts, Todd & Sargent is also proud to lend its conference room to United Way for the group’s annual Loaned Executive training program. Todd & Sargent and United Way share long history, all the way back to Warren Sargent serving as Campaign Chair in 1978. Congratulations to United Way of Story County for raising over $1.9 million in 2013!

Expand United Way Awards T&S for Campaign Efforts


Todd & Sargent, Inc. received a prestigious construction award from Associated Builders and Contractors of Iowa during the association’s annual Excellence in Construction banquet held recently in West Des Moines.

Todd & Sargent, Inc. was recognized with a 2013 Award of Excellence in the General Construction – Industrial & Public Works/Environmental $5 Million - $20 Million Category. The award was presented based on the company’s work on the Seaboard Foods New Feedmill – Holyoke, Colorado. Todd & Sargent, Inc. was the architect/engineer for this project. Criteria for the award included complexity of the project, attractiveness, unusual challenges, innovation, safety, and budget compliance.

“This project is an example of the innovation and commitment to outstanding craftsmanship that embody merit shop construction. The superior workmanship illustrates the high level of quality produced by merit shop contractors,” said ABC of Iowa President and CEO Greg Spenner.

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) of Iowa is a state-wide trade association representing 450 members from construction and industry-related firms. Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC of Iowa and its members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically, profitably and for the betterment of the communities in which ABC of Iowa and its members work. Visit ABC online at

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Todd & Sargent would like to congratulate Agrex, Inc. on the groundbreaking of its new shuttle train loading facility in Laurel, NE. "It's been exciting to see this project go from an idea on paper to something you can physically see," said Laurel Mayor, Mark Patefield.

Todd & Sargent is pleased to have been awarded the engineering and construction contract for the project and is excited to work with Agrex on another successful project. Field crews started construction in on the facility in mid-2013, and project completion is scheduled for Summer 2014.

For more information on this exciting project please read this article from Farm Progress.

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