At Todd & Sargent, we are continually striving to provide the safest workplace in the construction industry.

Employee safety is as important to us as the craftsmanship and functionality we build into each of our projects. From company culture to industry-wide advocacy, Todd & Sargent takes careful steps to keep our employees safe and our jobsites accident-free.



We train each of our employees to think “safety first.” Onsite hands on training ensures each of our employees are ready for the task at hand.

Safety Committee

We also maintain a Corporate Safety Committee that includes upper management and holds monthly safety meetings to determine how we can keep improving our company’s safety.


Toolbox Talks

Todd & Sargent administers daily toolbox safety sessions and weekly in-depth training for all field employees to ensure that all employees are educated on how to do their job safely.


We work closely and actively with third-party safety specialists, industry groups, and trade associations to continually evaluate our safety program.

Safety Goals

We perform an annual risk assessment and create a formal Risk Improvement Plan to set company safety goals for the year.

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