The Todd & Sargent Process

Todd & Sargent is truly a turnkey operation, with in-house experts in design, engineering, construction, and safety.

We bring the entire process together – from design to delivery – to help our clients reach their goals. By performing multiple services under one roof, Todd & Sargent maximizes value to our clients and minimizes frustration during the entire construction process. Take a look at our completed projects. Contact us today to start your own.

  1. Todd & Sargent Process

    Design & Preconstruction

    Each project begins with an in-depth discussion of our client’s needs to develop a custom engineered solution. We then perform thorough due diligence by researching the materials, specialists, equipment, and site requirements needed to execute effectively. To add true value to the Design & Preconstruction process we:

    • Develop conceptual designs tailored to achieve each client's goals for the construction of their facility:
      • Work with the client to determine the most efficient layout and arrangement of structures, machinery, access, support, and utility infrastructure to create a fully-constructible innovative design.
      • Present our client with the most current technologies in equipment, logistics, and maintenance for their process based on our extensive experience in their sector.
    • Create in-depth cost estimates and schedule to ensure each project fits the client’s budget and timeframe.
    • Assist client with preconstruction requirements:
      • Site selection and facility arrangement, including analysis of soils/geotechnical report.
      • Code and regulatory compliance as defined by federal agencies, states, municipalities, utilities, servicing railroads, etc.
    • Investigate local labor market and qualify local subcontractors and suppliers to build a project team we can count on.

    We perform all of this up front so that we can create a total design and construction package that meets our client’s needs and expectations.

    Engineering & Detailing

    The entire Todd & Sargent team works together to engineer a solution that fits the client’s footprint and addresses all functionality requests, providing insight and attention to detail based on our extensive experience to help bring a project to life. To add true value to the Engineering & Detailing process we:

    • Refine and further develop design notes and construction drawings with Todd & Sargent’s professional engineers and structural design staff.
      • Aid the pre-construction effort through “estimate engineering,” building code consultation and advice, materials of construction advice, and collaboration with the project’s geotechnical engineer.
      • Review all shop drawings for compliance to construction documents.
      • Work closely with project managers, superintendents, and subcontractors to advise and assist throughout construction.
    • Detail the structural, mechanical, and slipform process drawings, as well as all associated bills of materials, through our in-house Structural Drafting team.
    • Perform on-site inspection for engineering compliance and quality assurance, including 24-hour monitoring during the slipform construction process.

    By maintaining a full engineering and drafting team in-house, we are able to quickly and efficiently respond to any changes that need to be made throughout the project. This true design-build process also allows us to provide fast-track projects to get your facility up and running faster.

    Project Management & Procurement

    Experienced, industry-specific project management is critical to ensuring a smooth construction process and handling the key relationships necessary to keep quality high and costs controlled. To add true value to the Project Management & Procurement process we:

    • Utilize our extensive national network of established subcontractors and vendors, and select the best fit for each project based on specifications, capability, price, and schedule.
    • Coordinate the in-house design, engineering, and procurement to facilitate fast-track construction through priority scheduling to ensure resources (drawings, materials, equipment, etc.) arrive at each jobsite when they are needed.
    • Actively manage subcontractors and support our construction team to ensure project quality meets rigorous Todd & Sargent standards as defined by our Design and Engineering groups.
    • Ensure client satisfaction through regular contact, face-to-face meetings, and progress reports to answer questions and address any concerns.

    Dedicated project managers and purchasing agents with decades of experience allow us to provide consistently exceptional project delivery to the clients we proudly serve.

    Field Construction & Start-up

    All work is put in place by Todd & Sargent’s slipform concrete and carpentry experts, specialized millwright crews, and handpicked subcontractors all under the careful guidance of highly experienced Todd & Sargent superintendents. We are proud to self-perform roughly two-thirds of all our work. To add true value to the Field Construction & Facility Start-Up process we:

    • Self-perform the forming and placement of below-grade tunnels, foundations, and multi-floor concrete pours. In preparation for the slipform process, we self-perform all custom, tight-tolerance slipform carpentry work, as well as installation of the heavy hydraulic jacking systems.
    • Orchestrate the multi-day, 24-hour concrete slipform process, incorporating concrete placement, concrete finishing, and rebar/embed installation techniques gathered throughout Todd & Sargent’s nearly half-century of slipform construction experience.
    • Self-perform complex millwright installations, all managed by dedicated Todd & Sargent superintendents who each have decades of specialized millwright experience.
    • Maintain dedicated traveling crews who work throughout the United States and Canada to meet our clients’ needs wherever they may be.

    We’re proud of the expertise and craftsmanship we’ve gained over the past five decades and are excited to show you the great work we do.